Wardah Is Not Just Technology Penetration

Clarissa Gunawan, Senior Brand Manager Wardah. Photo: Yanuarius Viodeogo


SINGAPORE — Lazada Group, an eCommerce company looking increasingly serious in its mission in the years ahead, is not only ambitious to create the latest technological innovations but maintain close relationships between brand owner partners and product sellers.

Clarissa Gunawan's face kept smiling, when she won the award trophy from Lazada. Senior Brand Manager Wardah, an Indonesian cosmetics company, has just received an award from Lazada.

Representing Wardah, he received an award from Lazada for his product to be the winner of Best Product Launching, in lazmall brands future forum, in Singapore (21/3/2019).

According to Lazada, the award to Wardah for being the best in launching or lauching a product not long ago.The award began when Wardah wanted to sell his latest premium products such as BB Cushion or blush, Matesetter Lip Matte Paint and City Blush Clusher Click. His party, said Clarissa, at that time twisted the brain to impress prospective buyers so that it is not just sold just like that.Therefore, before the product launch began in August 2018, Wardah together with Lazada held Wardah InstaPerfect. Prospective buyers who want to buy Wardah products can see their use on wardah's instagram social media.The demonstration of the product was aimed at prospective buyers who did not have time to try but were curious about the product.As a result, when the launch day of the initial sale, prospective buyers stormed the Lazada application that opened online sales of the product and within 13 hours, all three products were sold and broadcast live by the Lazada app."The result was encouraging 13,000 products sold, when it was only for 1 month preparation and we had to re-stock again. There was absolutely no offline and special launching on Lazada only. Lazada is not only a sales platform but helps promote and build our brand," he said.Clarissa said that digital platforms such as Lazada are very important in helping the sale of Wardah products. Although the sales figures of Wardah products online are still small but the growth is very significant. Currently, total sales of Wardah products are still below 5% online but sales growth reaches 400% compared to offline, every year."In addition to Lazada, there are 6 of our online partners. Wardah products are now dominated offline in minimarkets, but online sales growth is very fast compared to offline," clarissa said.The presence of eCommerce for the Indonesian market is very promising. Indonesia is becoming a user of the rapidly accelerating digital economy. There are currently 150 million Indonesian internet users in 2018. The value of the country's digital economy is the largest in Southeast Asia reaching US$27 billion even according to Google and Temasek has the potential to grow to US$100 billion by 2025.

That also makes Lazada more serious looking at the online article Indonesia. Lazada started in 2018, started building and implementing its software to support brand owners so that sales of its products grow.At the Lazmall Brands Future Forum (BFF) in Singapore, held from 20-22 March 2019, Lazada introduced its latest software innovation creation to address the concerns of brand owners and sellers who are constrained by branding, marketing and sales.Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Group, Pierre Poignant said Lazada has a marketing solution that is used as a package as a business service platform. He called it Lazmall, which is the existence of brands and sellers helped connect directly with customers." [Di dalamnya] we help brands and sellers through the display get priority for the store home page, as well as additional promotional slots through the search feature. There are social tools that allow live commentary on live broadcasts and engage our customers like games," he said.Thus, the information presented is always up to date and allows brands and sellers to make business decisions quickly and make them more agile in serving the needs of customers who continue to grow. However, President of Lazada Group, Jing Yin considered there is another important thing that is the construction of logistics infrastructure.He said Lazada will continue to invest in the most extensive warehousing system in the Southeast Asian region as a Lazada market. It will open a warehouse of 12 standard-sized football pitches in Thailand this year with fast storage, no hassle, packaging as well as shipping with late deadlines and lower rates."Interesting fact, Lazada now has 31 warehouses throughout Southeast Asia, sending over 1 million packages across Southeast Asia in one day," Jing said. (Indonesian Business)





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