The Role of PKPU Management When Restructuring Debt

The experience of PT Merpati Airlines that managed to get out of the end of the hole insolvent, can not be separated from the story of the management team of Debt Repayment Obligation Delay (PKPU).

When I covered the process from the beginning Merpati entered the debt restructuring process, the pkpu administrators that I always call. I am in Jakarta and the management team in Surabaya.

Alfin Sulaiman and Beverly Charles Panjaitan are pkpu managers who always answer questions from me. Usually, I ask about the latest developments in the number of debtors who love debt to Merpati.

Another question, why Merpati took so long to carry out the 270-day pkpu period. Until also, which investors saved Merpati. These administrators patiently answer questions.

Often they have to reply to WhatsApp messages that I send when they are meeting creditors.

Why do I ask the pkpu administrators?

Businesses, accountants, and bankers who are undergoing debt restructuring of receivables certainly know who pkpu is. However, many of them do not yet understand the presence of their duties and functions.

This article helps readers to get to know them.

If you have a business in the course of time having debts and can not afford to be paid in a timely manner, get ready to get information from the debtor.

The debtor sent a message three times. However, there is still no good faith to pay the debt, the debtor submits the pkpu application to the court.

The application was granted by the court. During the reading of the verdict, the judge assigned more than one person to be the administrator during the PKPU process.

So after the appointment of the board by the court, then they then take care of the property of the owner of the debt.

Here is the important role of pkpu administrators because they must be able to save the business of companies that are under obligation so as not to go bankrupt or bankrupt. To the point of sweating out.

Well, if the company is bankrupt after various efforts there is no mutual agreement then proceed to the next process of bankruptcy.

Then his role was taken up by the curator. This curator will sell the property of the owner of the debt to pay off his debts.

Back to the board, in an effort to save the company the administrators must find investors who can help the company out of debt. Ruh of PKPU is a debtor who owns debts and creditors who own receivables reach an agreement and lead to peace.

Don’t Have to Be a Law Graduate
This is interesting when administrators are not always on legal undergraduate education. Those from other college majors can hold that profession.

Dominant indeed the prospective administrators of PKPU are graduates of legal scholars. However, there are also those who are behind the profession of accountants. Those who undergo this education must understand the company’s financial statements, understand the ins and outs of the establishment of the company, and have a wide network of business people.

After they graduated their education was subsequently appointed by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (HUMAN RIGHTS). Only then can they serve as pkpu managers in court.

In Indonesia there are a number of organizations that get the mandate to hold executive education such as the Association of Indonesian Board Curators (AKPI) and the Association of Indonesian Curators and Administrators (IKAPI).

In fact, those who are interested in becoming prospective administrators and curators are quite large. In 2018 alone, one education class of administrators registered 102 participants.

Secretary-General Ikapi Irfan Aghasar told me since IKAPI was formed in 2002, now Ikapi membership has reached as many as 400s spread throughout Indonesia as the management and curator of Indonesia.

These administrators are tasked with handling debt restructuring in 5 Commercial District Courts (PN) in Indonesia. The courts are PN Niaga Medan, PN Niaga Central Jakarta, PN Niaga Semarang, PN Niaga Surabaya and PN Niaga Makassar.

IKAPI administrator Andi Simangungsong once told me that the more familiar the business world will be with debt restructuring in court, the more it will be needed by administrators and curators.


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