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The mothers from Jangkang Satu Village, Kubu Raya Regency processed sweet potato-based dough into crackers. Photo: Yanuarius Viodeogo Seno

KUBU RAYA – Sweet potato cracker craftsmen from Jangkang Satu Village are so excited to develop a home business. I saw firsthand the process of making crackers from the skilled hands of the craftsmen.

They are very deft because they believe that someday their crackers become a delicious favorite snack for family and friends to gather.

With the abundant sweet potato harvest in the village that is located in Kubu Raya Regency, it is not difficult for craftsmen in preparing cracker raw materials. In a day, the sweet potato harvest is not only for the needs of the villagers and even able to send a supply of yams to the citizens of Pontianak City.

There are two types of sweet potatoes that come from Jangkang Satu Village, namely yellow and purple ones. The craftsmen use yellow yams for cracker raw materials. In one making crackers require 6 kilograms (kg) of yams to be mixed 6 kg tapioca flour.

Sweet potato crackers with a savory taste. Photo: Yanuarius Viodeogo Seno

As a mixture to enrich the taste using flavorings, salt, and water. Water needs so that the dough is not rough and becomes soft.

Nurhayati said with the skill of making crackers is very helpful snack skills variations processed crackers are economical value. They are very enthusiastic, says Nurhayati, transforming from raw yams into delicious crackers.

“Here sweet potatoes are abundant, therefore we make crackers. This expertise we gained during training in the district is supported by BUMDes Mitra Usaha,” Nurhayati told me, Monday (March 24, 2021).

Farmers of Jangkang Village Harvest sweet potatoes every morning and clean them to be directly delivered to the traditional market. Photo: Yanuarius Viodeogo Seno

Nurhayati said she is not alone in making crackers, there are sisters and mothers around her house participating.

Although in terms of energy there are no constraints for a while, they are still constrained by the need for drying crackers. Currently, drying is still manual using sunlight.

Nurhayati hopes that there is an innovation in helping in drying crackers so that the production of crackers can be further improved from Jangkang Satu.


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