Stringing Words, Crafting Menus Together

Cooking inspiration often appears when we are in this room. yes, the kitchen. A ready, corner of the room fills the human stomach.

Not only about the stomach, the kitchen is also a space for me to work for hours.

A job I've been in for almost 8 years is writing. I wrote a news article as a former journalist.

This room is kind of like there's a magnetic energy that invites me to leleha-leha but quality. It's not something empty without meaning.

Some people think the kitchen is not a favorite area, for me it's the opposite.

Instead the kitchen contributes inspiration to great ideas such as chefs who have a myriad of ideas for the menu.

Similarly, I needed fresh ideas that made me have to linger in the kitchen to sew words into sentences, from sentences to whole paragraphs.

Writing is just like cooking. The author needs material in the form of data, ideas or ideas to be assembled into a whole tasty and crunchy read by lovers of words.

As well as cooking, a chef needs vegetables, side dishes, and spices to be served into a delicious menu.

In order not to get stuck or feel bored when writing, the design of the kitchen room must be nice to us. I'm also typical of people not sitting in one place. Moods are sometimes fickle. Want to move from one seat to another.

From one table to another. To keep the spirit of work always bubbling appeared furniture online that provide the option to organize the kitchen as well as a place to work so that the mood of writing is always maintained.

There are three design concepts that I choose from online furniture products so that the creative process of writing should not stop before the finishmark looks.

First, dresden's four-seat white dining table. The table with a length of 120 centimeters (cm) with a height of 74 cm is fitting when we just woke up and have not intended to open the laptop screen.

Usually we still want to lay down our heads, very precisely using this table. While waiting for hot water to brew coffee, there is a little time to rest your head on the table as wide as 80 cm.

With a cup of coffee on a minimalist Scandinavian-style table, the atmosphere of waking up in the morning feels cheerful. Even though it's in a tropical country, it makes us look like we're in Denmark and Finland.

No need to worry if this table is scratched or changed color because the top has a layer of high pressure laminate (HPL) using PVC hard plastic with textured surface. The layer is very thick.

This table is also a friend for breakfast. Because breakfast requires energy in order to supply thinking energy.

Lastly not the end, appelsin coffee table includes 30 types of tables. Among the 30 types of tables, I love the Bananskall Coffee Table.

Ala Coffee Shop

For the chair, I paired it with Dog Stool Brown. The color matches the table. Appelsin table and Hippo lounge chairs make our kitchen space feel like hanging out in the contemporary coffee shop.

It is appropriate to choose furniture from fill the kitchen space at once to work. make it easy for us to buy a set of table chairs online.

By ordering online, will bring appelsin tables and Hippo lounge chairs to our home. All practical. We don't have to bother coming around just by looking through the touch of the screen and tap the purchase feature.

The way of purchase is also not difficult, no need to be dizzy. cooperate with various banks. You are given the option of paying by m-banking, ATM banking or internet banking.

For me, answer the ease of shopping furniture without the headache of choosing and buying its products.

Literacy greetings, inspiration greetings with


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