Hankook Tire's Logistics Business Tyre Pick Strategy

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Yanuarius Viodeogo

The selection of vehicle tires for the typical logistics transportation business should not be just bought. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anticipation of a crisis in order to undergo production cost efficiency in its business activities should be a concern for businesses. Tires by some businesses are not included in the cost calculation.

In fact, the use of tires is included in the cost of non-fixed other than fuel, and oil consumption.

The use of tires is one that must be considered in reducing operational costs for truck, cargo, and container commercial vehicles.

Hankook Tire Sales Indonesia, a distributor of Hankook Technology Group tire manufacturers from South Korea assesses with precise calculations and strategies that can save vehicle operational costs in determining cost planning.

Hankook Ban has four regional headquarters, 30 sales branches, 5 R&D centers and 8 production sites worldwide with 80% total sales to the international market.

National Sales Manager Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) PT Hankook Tire Sales Indonesia Ahmad Juweni said the cost of tires is often not so considered to have an effect on operational costs because usually businesses only take into account the purchase price of tires only.

"In fact, with the right product selection strategy and cost calculation, it has a huge effect on the efficiency of vehicle operational costs," ahmad said, Friday (5/29/2020).

According to him, the calculation of the cost of using tires covers the cost per kilometer (CPK) before deciding to buy tires.

The calculation is the price of one unit of tires divided by the distance traveled (kilometers) of the targeted trip.

From that value obtained cost per kilometer for one tire, then multiplied by the number of tires on the vehicle.

After that, consumers get cpk forecast and pay attention to the features on the tires to get the maximum mileage.

"Because of these features to determine the quality of tire performance and tire age," he said.

Tyre costs are predicted to take up 20-25% of the overall vehicle operating cost in addition to fuel, oil, spare parts and other vehicle maintenance costs.

In meeting logistics needs, Hankook tires have Truck and Bus (TBR) AH30 tire products.

This Hankook tire product is the latest innovation in the improvement of AH85 products that have excelled for many years have a good reputation. As such, footprints are optimized to prevent irregular wear and fall short of the tyre's life.

"Ah30 radial tire profiles are designed versatile for all tyre positions so customers don't have to worry about facing various road surface conditions," ahmad said.

In Hankook AH30 tires, Hankook Tire presents a new mixed compound system technology, innovation mixing system (IMS) to minimize polymer chain disconnection and oxidation.

The compound is connected to a polymer that is a silica compound with high dispersion to allow the driver to get a good driving experience with low scroll resistance, high grip level of black carbon.

Hankook Tire states that customers use the most types of 10.00R20 and 11.00R20 tires available throughout the distributor.

Together with its network, Hankook Tire does not want to disappoint customers by providing recommendations on choosing the right products according to the operation of each vehicle.

Hankook Tire insists to the distributor network that tire maintenance management strategy is very important to inform customers.

With minimal tire maintenance knowledge, repair costs can be high due to load damage, crane costs and other repairs.

Hankook tyres support customer operational cost efficiency with mapped tire maintenance for prevention ranging from routine maintenance, damage maintenance.

Starting from pre sales service by displaying recommendations on the selection of the right products by the distributor network with the operation of each vehicle.

The finished stage of sales, by providing tire maintenance audit or analysis of tire use and maintenance by conducting random periodic checks on some installed and removed tires.


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