Somethinc Successfully Penetrates 123 Countries protocol of Madrid.


SURABAYA — The work of intellectual property consultant Benny Muliawan successfully set a new record again after the Somethinc brand penetrated 123 member countries of the Madrid Protocol.

Somethinc is a local cosmetics brand owned by PT Royal Pesona Indonesia.

A total of 123 countries are legitimate members who declared participation in the Madrid Protocolsystem. Nangkring in 123 countries is a special achievement because it is the only brand from Indonesia.

Thus, Somethinc as an official Indonesian cosmetic product can already be consumed by the international community in 123 countries.

"This advanced record can penetrate all countries that are members of the Madrid Protocol. Pride of Indonesia that local brands are known to the international community. Somethinc has recently penetrated 123 countries," said Benny Muliawan intellectual property consultant from Surabaya, Friday (23/4/2021).

Benny said somethinc's success was recorded in 123 member countries of the Madrid Protocol in line with the theme of the 21st Intellectul Property World Day in 2021 from Indonesia, namely From Local to Global.

The common theme of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is IP and SMEs ( small andmedium-sized enterprise): Taking your ideas to market.

Benny said Somethinc in Indonesia is now able to compete with other local cosmetic products and has become the best-selling cosmetic brand purchased by consumers by Shopee in the mega bazar event 4.4 ago.

Somethinc topped Shopee's best-selling skincare brands outperforming Garnier, Unilever, Wardah and Scarlett Whitening.

Not to be out of the way, he said, Somethinc was looked at by one of Katadata's research media that issued top 50 Indonesian brands in 2020.

From the Katadata survey, continued Benny, Somethinc can be proud to perch with other established brands such as Aqua, Maspion Group, Indofood, Eiger, J.Co. In fact, somethinc brand is popular with tolak angin, mie sedap and kapal api.

"An extraordinary achievement for Indonesia when it also coincides with the theme of IP Indonesia. Later in the seminar on intellectual property day discussed THE STRATEGY of MSMEs Towards The Global Market through the protection of KI and Tips for Branding Products Into a Known Brand," he said.

Somethinc brands listed in grade 3 include liquid powder, solid powder, blush, concealer, contour, eyeshadow, highlighter, cosmetics, face cream, lipstick, body lotion, perfume, facial cleanser, hair care, soap, serum, face spray and toner.

PT BNL Patent helped register the brand owned by Royal Pesona Indonesia and has obtained protection from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI).

From the records of Kadin Central Java, Somethinc products of international standard can be found in Somethinc Niacinamide + Moisture Beet Serum. The company makes this product so that the skin is bright and the skin health is maintained.


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