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Yanuarius Viodeogo

It is not easy to despair in facing every lawsuit to be the principle handle of Sexio Yuni Noor Sidqi, an advocate known in part to the public after becoming the manager of Delay debt payment obligation (PKPU) First Travel.

The process of PKPU travel agent and umrah that ended with the peace, ushered his figure appeared on national television and his name downstream homecoming in print and electronic media.

The complicated PKPU case against the pilgrims of Umrah First Travel made alumni of the Faculty of Law of the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta together with the management team to task as much as possible to complete the PKPU can accommodate the wishes of the creditors.

Not without reason, the completion of PKPU First Travel led to peace it has a debt exceeded rp984.12 billion owned by 59,801 prospective pilgrims and 7 vendors, and 96 employees of the company is considered difficult to find solutions so it requires energy, a large mind

The board then created the website of First Travel creditors as a channel of information to creditors, starting to contain the stages of the PKPU process, the announcement of creditor meetings and the registration of bills and the submission of peace proposals.

It is very difficult if with such a large number of creditors, they have to go to the courthouse or the caretaker's office.

In fact, creditors are not only located in Jakarta, but scattered in a number of areas. The impact is large, information can be obtained by creditors anytime and anywhere.

To me through an online interview, Sexio Sidqi said the presence of the website as a breakthrough that has not been done by many other administrators at that time.

Prior to this interview, Sexio was undergoing an arbitration-themed webinar seminar.

During the Covid-19 pandemic that hit almost all countries including Indonesia, forcing people not to meet so that webinars are the best way to communicate without having to have physical contact.

Webinars with such software technology, said Sexio, it is time to be applied included in the justice system in Indonesia.

Therefore, Sexio Sidqi is so happy if the Indonesian justice system has a new breakthrough in accordance with the development of the times. In another breakthrough case, the owner of sidqi law office &Sidqi Advocates who has been working as a lawyer since 14 years ago said there is another dispute that impressed him, namely the lawsuit reopening the bankruptcy case of PT Jaya Nur Sukses.

Filed a lawsuit in mid-June 2019 against the development company as a new breakthrough in bankruptcy cases in Indonesia.

The lawsuit for the reopening of nur jaya sukses bankruptcy case occurred because since it was declared bankrupt by the Central Jakarta Commercial Court on December 26, 2012, the company did not apply for rehabilitation to the court because it still has remaining debt bills to Hutama Karya and PT Bina Mandiri Ksatria Sakti.

The lawsuit, eventually accepted by the court to proceed at trial. With the acceptance of the lawsuit reopened by the court, according to Sexio, a new history in the judiciary in Indonesia.

"It was a breakthrough from us, and a pioneer in opening the bankruptcy case," Sexio said, Wednesday (3/6/2020).

sidqi and sidqi

This Semarang-born man said the reopening of the case gained appreciation from various parties directed to Sexio and his colleagues.

Commercial Litigation
Sexio said as a litigation lawyer so far he is not only involved in the field of PKPU and bankruptcy only. Various other civil cases have been handled.

Corporations large and small, entrust Sexio to handle his case. His clients range from foreign banks, exchange-listed banks, public financing companies, pension fund corporations, marketing consulting firms and manufacturing businesses.

After graduating from FH UII, Sexio crossed paths to pursue a career in various law offices before establishing his own law office in 2014.

He once strengthened the ranks of freddy simatupang and partners and junaidi tirtanata &co law offices. Even in both law offices, Sexio served as a senior lawyer.

Inevitably, with flying hours in dealing with the case more and more contributed to his insight as a lawyer is increasingly widespread. As a lawyer for 14 years, it is not enough to only master one knowledge about civil cases.

The matters handled are varied. He has also handled other matters as a legal representative of the pension fund persero.

Sexio said the lawsuit at the company relates to the board's lawsuit against the commissioner. This was also very effective for him. In addition to suing the commissioner in court, on the one hand the board of directors conducts a General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) to replace the new board of directors.

Many other cases handled by Sexio were granted by the panel of judges. For him, it was inseparable from Sexio's high will to learn the matter he faced.

He said extensive knowledge of litigation should be devoured by any lawyer. It is the capital to deal with other matters.

Lawyers, said Sexio, must understand the Law (Uu) Of Public Companies, Employment Law, Law of Limited Liability Companies, Capital Market Law and other laws including non-litigation. That way it will be easy for lawyers to argue with the opposing party in handling the case.

Therefore, its legal office provides a variety of litigation handling services from arbitration, business competition, bankruptcy banking and PKPU, capital markets, commercial litigation, criminal litigation, energy sources, industrial relations, intellectual property, property to family disputes.


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