Local Rantang Contested By Orlando Producers

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One house usually has stacking pan food utensils or as a collection material in a food cabinet.

Its practical use also makes it a favorite furniture during picnics. Some people can not escape by collecting anti-complicated rantang as supplies to the office or school.

In rantang contains a variety of vegetables and side dishes, not one container with carbohydrate sources such as rice, bread and others.

It turns out that rantang is not just a function to store a variety of food menus. Who would have thought, this storage container could also lead to the realm of justice.

The legal dispute occurred between Dart Industries Inc, a food furniture manufacturer with the iconic brand Tupperware facing PT Citra Jaya Plastik, in October 2018.

This dispute is interesting to write because rantang becomes a grab in the realm of law.

Dart Industries, a company from Orlando United States objected to rantang made by Citra Jaya Plastik under the brand Brand Rantang Citra.

I searched the Case Tracking Information System (SIPP) of the Central Jakarta Commercial Court, Dart Industries sued Citra Jaya Plastik with the case 49/Pdt.Sus-HKI/Cipta/2018/PN Niaga Jkrt.Pst on September 27, 2018.

According to Dart Industries, rantang made by Citra Jaya Plastik has similarities with its rantang which has been registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property.

Rantang listed by Dart Industries includes the No. IDD000043424, IDD000043425, IDD000043427 and IDD000043428.

Dart Industries makes a variety of places to eat and drink for sale to Indonesia. They entered Indonesia in 1991 by officially referr as distributor of PT Alif Rose Jakarta. Now Dart Industries has 73 authorized distributors and product storage warehouses in Cikarang, Medan, Surabaya and Balikpapan.

Back in the case, Dart Industries asked the court through its lawsuit to order Citra Jaya Plastik to stop all production, sales, distribution, and promotion of products named Rantang Citra.

As the plaintiff also demanded that the defendant hand over the product supplies when it is still sold and stored for destruction purposes.

Another demand Citra Jaya Plastik must remove all images or photos of Rantang Citra products in every product catalog, media promotion of Citra Jaya Plastik products and online shopping platforms on the internet.

Dart Industries also demanded total damages of Rp375 million including Rp125 million of material and immaterial damages of Rp250 million. In addition, compensation of Rp1 million per day if the defendant does not meet the content of the verdict of the case a quo.

In the course of more than 2 months, Dart Industries withdrew the lawsuit.

The court granted a lawsuit against him on December 19, 2018.


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