List of Brands Abroad Through Madrid Protocol

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Not many people understand international brand registration through the Madrid Protocol system is important for export-oriented businesses.

The mechanism is provided by the world intellectual property organization or world intellectual property organization (WIPO) to regulate the protection of intellectual property. Especially for businesses who want their brand to be known overseas markets.

I quote from a book I wrote entitled Benny Muliawan Penerobos Madrid, published in 2020.

Madrid’s protocol is that the registration process becomes more concise and inexpensive. Before the Madrid Protocol appeared, how to export goods to the U.S. country, namely the product owner registered the brand one by one or one to one.

You want your goods to circulate more than one country, for example to Japan, to the Middle East, Europe and Latin America, meaning you must one-on-one apply for brand registration to each of these countries.

This method is ineffective and too expensive because it also registers having to hire a local brand agent.

Not to mention the wasted time that requires businesses to commute to embassies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

If you register a brand through the Madrid Protocol of more than one country then it only costs CHF125. That figure is the cheapest for CHF registration is the currency of the Swiss Franc.

1 CHF worth Rp14,180 as of March 7, 2020. The minimum cost is CHF653 for colorless brand labels aka black white (B/W).

This means that if you take only 1 country, the exit fee is CHF653 plus CHF125. While the colored brand label is worth CHF903.

The Ins and Outs of Madrid Protocol

A long history colours the rise of the Madrid Protocol. It started when five countries, France, Switzerland, Tunisia Spain and Belgium signed an agreement in Madrid.

They developed a system of trademark registration and services for its member states in 1891 known as The Madrid Agreement Concerning International Registration of Marks.

Within a few years it was agreed that Bureaux Internationaux Reunis pour la Protection de la Propriete Intellectuelle (BIRPI) was founded in 1893 in France with the aim of protecting the art, literature, and industrial wealth and becoming the forerunner of WIPO.

Furthermore, the application procedure was refined again on July 14, 1967 with the formation of WIPO consisting of various countries.

They then agreed on an intellectual property rule mechanism with international standards in Stockhlom, Sweden.

The WIPO mechanism was subsequently adopted by the United Nations (UN) and was legally part of the UN organization to deal with matters related to the issue of intellectual property rights (IPR) established in 1974.

The presence of WIPO is indeed to form an international ecosystem of intellectual property (IP) of international standard. Areas accommodated within ip such as Patent, Brand, Industrial Design, Geographical Indication, and Trade Secret.

Awish to forget also included in it there is a copyright that includes books, music, painting, cinema, computer programs, databases, art sculpting or carving, advertising, to drawing techniques.

It was only later that wipo countries made a major agreement by making an international agreement called the Protocol Relating to Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks.

The approval of the Madrid Protocol was mutually agreed upon by wipo members in 1989. The goal of the deal is to make the brand registration process more flexible and adjust each country’s intellectual property laws.

Indonesia is eligible to become a wipo member on October 2, 2017 in Geneva Switzerland. Interestingly, Indonesia became the 100th member of the Madrid Protocol in the 57th WIPO general assembly.

In total there are currently as many as 193 WIPO members who automatically enforce the Madrid Protocol system.


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