Lion Air Group Stops Flights Until May 31, 2020

Lion Air Group

Yanuarius Viodeogo

Lion Air Group officially suspended flight operations for 5 days from Wednesday (5/27/2020) until Sunday (5/31/2020).

This was conveyed by Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Group Danang Manadala Prihantoro from the press release I received.

Termination of flight operations applies to all Lion Air Group member airlines such as Lion Air, Wings Air, Batik Air.

Lion Air Group facilitates to prospective passengers who already have or buy tickets (issued tickets)can process refunds without any discounts(full refunds)or changes in departure schedule without additional fees.

The process can be carried out through lion air group’s head office and ticket sales branch offices in all cities in Indonesia, or call centers (021-63798000 and 08041778899).

Danang said the flight suspension applies to domestic networks as a form of support to the government in efforts to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Desease 2019 (Covid-19).

“Based on the evaluation of the implementation of previous flight operations, many prospective passengers can not continue the journey or can not fly and must return with all costs that have been incurred (losses),” said Danang.

According to him, prospective passengers do not fully know and understand the process of travel documents and get them in ensuring physical health conditions.

As is known, the government imposes a strict policy that to prospective passengers to complete a health certificate rapid test results as a condition of boarding the plane as long as large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) are still valid.


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