Heylaw Introduces PKPA Online

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Now law graduates who want to become lawyers can take advantage of online professional education schemes.

HeyLaw introduces Heylaw.Edu who has a short study program Special Education Profession Advocates (PKPA)online for prospective lawyers, at the same time at an affordable price.

That information made me curious and find out why.

For some people, especially legal scholars since they were in college, PKPA used to be a stepping stone in the classroom to become a reliable lawyer. The study, so far better known to graduates of conventional education law.

After participants enroll and then they learn face-to-face with the teacher in one class. Usually pkpa period lasts 2-3 months with curriculum materials that have been determined by pkpa organizing institutions. 

However, the PKPA offered by Heylaw, is different. By HeyLaw.Edu an information and communication platform application that bridges the community with legal academics to discuss with each other.

On this platform, registration fees are cheaper with PKPA in general. Applicants Heylaw.Edu only pay an education fee of Rp4 million.

Immediately the next convenience was given to the participants. They can access the material at any time, discuss with teachers without being time-bound, and not be limited to learning by time.  

Meanwhile, at PKPA organized by other institutions, classes take place on weekends. Saturday and Sunday. However, at PKPA HeyLaw.Edu, participants are free to determine their own time as long as they meet the learning obligations monitored for 9-10 hours.

Note that with such a short pkpa period, they do not get a quality education quality. Instead, Heylaw.Edu provides lesson materials with the freedom of discussion with teachers. It is considered more ideal because participants get a lot of time to absorb educational materials more optimally.

At the end of the education, participants get an official certificate from the Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI).

Marwan said PKPA advocates are the first alternative legal education product from HeyLaw.Edu. The teachers aren’t just anyone. They are part professors, doctorates and professionals.

Let’s say, Tjoetjoe Sandjaja Hernanto is the President of KAI for the period 2019-2024. An advocate who has studied at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Padjajaran Bandung. Tjoetjoe has received an award charter from the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) as a pioneer of the Internet-based Advocate Profession Basic Competency exam.

There is a Professor of The Faculty of Law, Diponegoro University R. Benny Riyanto. He is also known as the Head of the National Legal Development Agency (BPHN).

The next HeyLaw.Edu teacher, Susi Dwi Harijanti, a professor of FH Universitas Padjajaran alumni of The University of Melbourne. Professors from the University of Indonesia, Sulistiyowati Irianto and Aloyisus Uwiyono.

Even a professor from the Faculty of Leiden University, Netherlands named Adriaan Bedner as a lecturer in HeyLaw.Edu. 

Still from academics as a lecturer PKPA HeyLaw.Edu is Sukarmi from the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University and Commissioner of the Commission for Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) period 2006-2011, St. Laksanto Utomo lecturer of FH Sahid University, Sinta Dewi Rosadi lecturer of FH Universitas Padjajaran and Bambang Pratama from the Faculty of Law, Binus University.

Awaludin Marwan is also a teacher of PKPA. He is currently a lecturer from the Faculty of Law, Bhayangkara University Jakarta.

From professional advocates such as M.S Tumanggor, Noviriska, Pheo Marojahan Hutabarat, Vice President of KAI TM Luthfi Yazid. The judges also became teachers, namely Mevi Primaliza who is a judge of the State Administrative Court (PTUN).

Awaludin Marwan, Co-Founder HeyLaw. Photo: Personal Documentation

I interviewed Marwan who is a graduate of Utrecht University (Netherlands) to tell the story behind his idea of making pkpa education online. At pkpa online, Marwan teaches Digital Technology Law materials. Here’s our chat excerpt:

What is Heylaw.Edu and why make PKPA online?

I see, legal education in Indonesia is expensive and completed legal scholars to become advocates through PKPA for a long time. With the current technology, pkpa quality should be short online can be.

With online technology, we can gather teachers from different regions who deliver materials without being constrained by time. The teachers have professors and doctors.

What is different from other PKPA?

Heylaw.Edu such as ruangguru.com (an education-based information technology company with online services) so participants sign up, pay, take classes. They can download material, customize classes more flexibly. Midnight learning materials can. Our education is a total of 9-10 hours.

There are pros and cons, how can a week finish PKPA. It’s only been 10 hours. But, precisely here are the advantages, the participants so can see the material over and over again. Unlimited time access to time lesson materials.

Is there a class? 

After launching, and now there is a class. Participants will devour 21 materials from the teachers. 

What kind of mission will Heylaw.Edu carry out in the future?

We want a law-literate society. That’s our idealism. A society that fights for the state of law. They are seeing and critical about corruption cases.

Our other mission, in the future plans to organize another legal education. For example, for prospective personal data protection supervisors. This class is not limited to legal scholars only.


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