Everywhere Take Trams and Buses in Melbourne. Watch out Tuti!

Trams in Melbourne City. Photo: Yanuarius Viodeogo

Yanuarius Viodeogo

Melbourne — No need to worry too late for those looking to get to work, university or meet colleagues. Mass transport in Victoria is available to take you anywhere, with a predetermined route.

Just choose when the destination location in the middle of the city is available Trams, a kind of electric train running. Other transportation there are buses.

From Quest Finlay’s apartment on Monday-Friday at the end of the winter 2012 season at the Asia Pacific Journalism Centre (APJC) office on Amess Street. To get there there is a bus line. Route 250-253.

We each morning before class started at 08.30 we chose to take the bus between 07.42, 08.00. It comes every 10 minutes. At the latest, the bus comes in about 2-3 minutes.

Taking the bus must use a card called Myki. It’s light green. When you enter the card in Touch On first or affixed to the machine, until it sounds and shows the amount of money that is on the card.

If you want to get off, Myki should be on Touch Off. Otherwise on touch off,our nominal will be reduced. So always remember the key. Otherwise Myki does not apply when the nominal runs out.

Myki card must be filled with nominal money if you want to use it. Can be filled per day or for 28 days or more or per month. The monthly price is $112. To get Myki in stores 7 11 (seven eleven) or in supermarkets.

Myki cards in Melbourne are not valid in Canberra and Sydney. They have their own cards. Well… myki usage on buses is different for Trams. If taking the bus must touch on and touch off when disembarking. On the trams once only in touch on down there is no need to touch off. But if we don’t take the trams for 2 more hours we have to get back touch on.

Usually the use of Myki on trams ranges of abuse for residents of Melbourne. They though it’s been over two hours don’t want to touch on. Lately, the Victorian government has imposed a tightening of its rogue citizens with no harm with touch on Mykinya. Myki ticket seekers(officers)ask one by one passengers while checking Myki.

If proven a hefty fine of $180. Now one Australian dollar is estimated at Rp9,900-Rp10,000.

Chrisvania Handita, a student majoring in Visual Communication at Swinburne University of Technology,Melbourne, Australia, told me, had been fined because mykinya was exhausted but was not able to ride trams.

“If among Indo students here, the Ticket officers we call Tuti aka TicketMan. I’ve been fined, they asked for a home address. A few weeks later came the fine paper to the house. We have to pay the fine to the Post Office,” recalled Vania, who just finished her studies last September.

Vania also felt kapok than her pocket money just to pay the fine, the experience did not want to be repeated a second time. He also “campaigned” to his friends and acquaintances for the discipline of using Myki. Moreover, now the Victorian government is getting tighter.

The Victorian government’s way of resuscitate the government is not only during raids but by advertising at stations and within trams themselves. For example, ads to realize the users of naughty Myki do not want the nominal content either satirical or ads strict sanctions.

That’s my story. Transportation in Melbourne especially trams is fun because it doesn’t take long to wait for it to arrive. Just a few tens of seconds away, trams followed behind him. Indeed, it is always crowded with passengers, if it is in the middle of Melbourne City especially along from Melbourne Central to Flinders Street Station.

Inside the trams there are benches and benches for people with disabilities. There are also those who prefer to stand. There are countless handrails on the head so that passengers do not fall. Be advised to stop and start walking, the brakes are sudden.  





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