Erna Makes Jamu Market Brand Daun Mas Wider

Training in herbal medicine
Training in herbal medicine. Source:

Yanuarius Viodeogo

It is not easy for Erna Setiyawati to start a spice business and now successfully has 30 herbal medicine products.

In addition, thanks to his hard work he is often invited as a workshop coach making herbal medicine and has hundreds of partners scattered in various regions. All achieved through a difficult process.

Falling up is common when Erna pioneered the herbal medicine business to fight against herbal medicine brands that have existed for many years as a public subscription.

Erna is the owner of jamu Daun Mas brand, a company that focuses on producing herbal medicines with a variety of raw materials easily obtained in traditional markets.

Starting from ginger, cinnamon leaves, cloves, nutmeg, temulawak, coriander, white pepper, kencur and sere root.

A number of raw materials that we rarely know can also be processed into a herb that is efficacious to overcome various diseases, such as kapulogo, meniran, stevia, rosela and mangosteen skin.

All those ingredients, metamorphosed in his hands into powdered powders and capsules.

Since pioneering the business in 2016, the Chairman of the Association of Herbal Herbal Medicine Entrepreneurs in West Java studied in seconds to process these ingredients.

“Herbal medicine has side effects, if not [racikan] appropriate, not used to blending. Not just making herbal medicine. It is a small side effect, but it is not good for the body,” said Erna.

It was said in a live Instagram (IG) event organized by Koperasi Simpan Pinjam (KSP) Sahabat Mitra Sejati, Saturday (16/5/2020). Prihantoro, External Communications Head corporate communications &investor relations of PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna, hosted the event.

mas leaf

Photo courtesy of IG GriyaSehatDaunMas

The insight of making spices was obtained by Erna both self-taught to the ladder of special education in health sciences.

Not enough formal study once, he decided to study formally again specifically in the field of public health in order to delve into the field of medical spices or commonly known empon.

Erna told me that after completing her bachelor’s degree in economics, her interest in the world of banquets was so great.

He began to process spices to see people who make herbs and read books.

Feeling the insight into traditional medicine and herbal medicine business is lacking, Erna opts for school again. He also studied undergraduate education majoring in public health.After that education his career began to rise.

His understanding of the ins and outs of herbal medicine combined with previous self-taught learning made his confidence grow. Erna regularly promotes and sells herbal medicine products to the closest relatives.

Erna remembers one day, there was a seminar on the topic of plants that are efficacious for medicine. The speaker of the seminar was Hembing Wijayakusuma, an expert in traditional medicine and acupuncture.

“It was an unforgettable moment and I am sure to go through this effort. I remember Prof Hembing saying back to nature, back to herbs,” he said.

His confidence to do herbal medicine business is increasing. The business began to skyrocket, from only the production of one product now has 30 types of herbs with the brand Daun Mas.

However, when the business starts smoothly, it never experiences drag sales. Often one day, no buyer glances at its products.

In addition, he must also fight with the herbal medicine business that has become an industrial ecosystem in the country.

Therefore, Erna does not only focus on production and distribution. He worked on other segments such as conducting training in collaboration with the government from the Ministry of Education and Culture to the Ministry of Manpower to recruit people who drop out of school and citizens who want to earn additional income.

Others, open opportunities to others to become partners and open angkringan jamu partners with the brand Daun Mas spread in a number of areas. 


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