Efforts to Protect Local Products: Samosir Receives IG Certificate

Yanuarius Viodeogo

JAKARTA — The Regent of Samosir Regency, Rapidin Simbolon was pleased, after receiving an official Geographical Indication certificate from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

The reason, the struggle of samosir local government (North Sumatra) in encouraging samosir coffee bean commodity for 1.5 years to achieve ig protection certificate is not easy. The result is now fruitful, Rapidin representing the people of Samosir to receive the certificate, coinciding with the ig festival that was first held by DJKI and creative economy agency (Bekraf) in Jakarta, Saturday (8/12/2018) ago.

He when talking to Bisnis expressed, himself and together with the local government became more excited to introduce Samosir Coffee to the wider consumer, especially to market the commodity in hospitality outlets and coffee shops.

"We will provide coffee farming tools, build road infrastructure to coffee producing areas, training. Moreover, if [lebih masif] promoted, farmers will be more excited. In the upstream sector farmers produce coffee, in the downstream sector there are entrepreneurs, coffee shops, hotel managers, we also have Dekranasda (Regional National Handicraft Council) that markets to consumers and tourists," said Rapidin.

Samosir coffee is arabica type coffee. Coffee arabica category because based on the data Samosir Regency comes from the highlands of Samosir Island, planted in an area of 4,913.24 hectares with an altitude of 1,450 above sea level (mdpl).

Currently, there are as much as 5,000 tons of coffee production produced by the dominant farmers in samosir islands, although also planted outside the islands. According to Rapidin, the islands are more suitable to be planted arabica type coffee because it is a former volcanic area.

"The bursts of larvae of mount merapi eruption make the land fertile and affect the best quality of coffee plants. And that makes, 70% of samosir population depends on coffee farming. Income, can already meet daily needs and can school his children from coffee farming,"Said Rapidin.

Rapidin is considered so understanding when telling about the characteristics of this coffee plant to the way the local government protects coffee farmers to be guaranteed their welfare. He wants now coffee plants can be developed continuously so that many enthusiasts from outside Sumut buy Samosir coffee.

Currently, Samosir coffee has been purchased by famous manufacturers such as Starbuck, producers from Thailand and European countries. It can not be separated, according to him, because coffee farmers have been equipped with training to produce seeds from grain to roasting in order to have added value many times over. "If grain alone 30,000 per kilogram, but if it is roasting can reach hundreds of thousands of rupiah per kilogram," he said.

Deputy Head of Indonesia Creative Economy Agency Ricky Joseph Pesik said, the region or actors who fight for a product is not enough with a piece of IG certificate protection. The challenges ahead in the creative economy industry, he said, are very difficult.

Ricky said, global marketers have aggressive efforts that want to utilize the sources of a typical product of a region to benefit his party because they have the ability to market products more widely.

"I still remember for example Toraja Coffee fileus with Japan. Indonesia at that time managed to defeat the Japanese [salah satu produsen kopi] in order to remove the name Toraja Arabica Coffee from their brand, but that did not stop its aggressive efforts. They renamed Kopi Toraja and abbreviated another name," ricky said when giving an explanation before giving a certificate of protection at the IG Festival.

So, said Ricky, stakeholders and creative businesses in Indonesia can not wait without doing anything because global businesses target the typical products of a region and repackaged in order to have even higher added value.

Therefore, since 2016 the Deputy of Intellectual Property Rights and Harmonization of Bekrat Regulation is engaged in fostering and providing IG product support through the Geographical Indication Protection Society (MPIG).

From this community, there are 36 IG products that are being facilitated by Bekraf in cooperation with the association of DESIGNER IG Indonesia (DIGI) one of which makes repackaged IG products in order to compete in the global market.

Expert Staff of the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Razilu, previously director of Intellectual Property Information Technology DJKI, Razilu said, public understanding of IG is still low including the benefits of IG and after obtaining IG after being registered with DJKI.
IG certificate, he explained, has the advantage of providing protection and certainty to the community of IG owners at the national and international level.

Although not registered at the international level but still have legal protection in case of legal issues. Second, prevent unauthorized use of unauthorized parties. Third, consumers who use IG products are guaranteed high standard quality. Fourth, IG products have the impact of increasing the export value of the country.

"Fifth, increase economic growth for IG producers and owners and regions that produce IG products. Lastly, the sixth encourages the tourism industry. The more people know the product, they definitely want an IG-producing location," he said.

To apply for IG product registration also, according to him, is not difficult for the community. There is no need to apply for registration to Jakarta, just by online but must have prepared complete data.

Currently there are 72 IG products registered in the Ministry of Human Rights and Human Rights, consisting of 64 products belonging to Indonesia and 8 IG products from abroad. This year, two IG products received protection certificates, namely Bareh (rice) Solok from West Sumatra, and Samosir Coffee. (Indonesian Business)


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