Duniatex Makes Masks

duniatex make masks

Yanuarius Viodeogo

The need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical personnel handling the Covid-19 outbreak is increasing. The large-scale textile industry is considered to play a large role to produce in large quantities including Duniatex making masks although non-medical.The existence of PPE is not only for medical personnel but also for the people who need masks the most. This condition is an opportunity for textile companies that have been in debt and even bankrupt to breathe again by making PPE and other protective equipment.

From my record, in 2019 there were 7 textile companies that were forced to deal with commercial courts. In PN Central Jakarta there are 4 textile companies that have to undergo restructuring of their debt, PN Semarang as many as 2 companies, and PN Surabaya there is 1 textile company.

They not only produce clothes, and fabrics but make yarns and buttons.

One of the textile manufacturers located in the shackles of PKPU, Duniatex Group began producing personal protective equipment. Duniatex Group’s attorney Aji Wijaya confirmed that Duniatex makes non-medical masks.

Currently his clients have started to help government programs by producing non-medical masks for the community. “Duniatex produces and markets non-medical masks that can be reached by the public,” said Aji, Tuesday (21/04/2020).

From the production of non-medical masks, the profit margin value is still small no more than 10% with monthly revenue of Rp12 billion.

Unfortunately, Duniatex has not produced PPE for medical personnel. Aji explained that Duniatex has not been able to produce special medical PPE due to the lack of supporting infrastructure.

The availability of infrastructure to produce PPE is owned by a garment company that has gone bankrupt, namely PT Selaras Kausa Busana (SKB). PKPU CURATOR SKB Sexio Yuni Noor said skb assets that became bankrupt budels in the auction should be able to add strength to other garment manufacturers who lack machinery and PPE support materials.

“Yes it should be an opportunity. Yesterday there was 1 company that was interested only the price has not entered, they bid still below the liquidation price,” he said.

The opportunity so that the economy does not falter because of the Covid-19 pandemic, is expected to continue to run by producing large amounts of PPE such as Duniatex making masks.

The government targets the production of very large PPE such as data from the Ministry of Industry, that the production of PPE is expected to reach 16-17 million units.

Director General of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industry (IKFT) Ministry of Industry Muhammad Khayam from the release said before the massive spread of Covid-19 entered Indonesia, domestic PPE production was only 1 million units.