David Tobing, 129 and Consumer Rights

This article I made for David Tobing.

Lawyers who defend consumer rights, defend marginalized people who are often weak when dealing with businesses. This writing is for his birthday.

JAKARTA — Today, Saturday, September 12, 2020 is a special day for a commercial lawyer who cares about consumer rights, David Tobing.

The number 129 feels special because it is a birthday celebrated with a 129-minute talk show that starts at 12.09 Pm and free book giving of 129 books.

In collaboration with Irma Devita Learning Center (IDLC), the celebration of the birthday of the man born in 1971 was attended by relatives and old friends.

Present were businessman Sandiaga Uno, Chairman of the National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) Rizal E Halim, Chairman of the Indonesian Consumer Institute Foundation (YLKI) Tulus Abadi, Commissioner of Ombudsman Alamsyah Saragih.

In advance, the guest of the celebration that took place online was broadcast through the Youtube channel is Cita Principal Advisor Consumer Protection in ASEAN (Protect-GIZ) Sita Zimpel, domiciled in Frankfurt Germany. The celebration was hosted by Glenna Martin of IDLC.

Some of the guests were his old friends. Such as Sandiaga Uno, Rizal E Halim, and Tulus Abadi. They met and remembered David as a lawyer for nearly 20 years who defended consumer rights.

David in their eyes a brave figure after winning in the consumer lawsuit case against PT Securindo Packatama Indonesia, the manager of the parking lot of Supermarket Continet, Central Jakarta in 20 years ago.

Sandiaga Uno for example judged David at that time was a phenomenal figure because he became a lawyer defending consumer rights in the parking lot case.

"At that time, come to think of it, what the hell is David doing. But, I think suing the parking manager is a wonderful thing. From there we learn about justice and inspiration from David," sandiaga said.

The man who once paired with Prabowo in the constellation of the 2019-2024 Presidential election is an old friend of David Tobing. They've been friends for 20 years.

Sandiaga Uno was also one of adams and co's earliest clients, the law firm founded by David Tobing and his colleague Agus Soetopo.

Upholding the principle, conscience and spirit of the spirit in David Tobing in the eyes of Sandiaga Uno has not changed since they first met.

David as a young man is a young lawyer who has great potential and success in the future because he wants to fight for consumer rights.

According to Sandiaga, David is a defender of justice for consumers. He always provides solutions to every problem experienced by consumers.

"I once felt harmed by one of the airlines. I didn't fly, the airline was negligent. Sir David reprimanded the airline, and I got a free ticket refund," he said with a laugh.

The presence of David Tobing and the Indonesian Consumer Community (KKI) which he commanded, is anticipated by the community. Bpkn Chairman Rizal E. Halim said, KKI is a consistent institution to protect consumers.

He remembers David Tobing when Rizal was a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (UI). They often communicate and discuss many things.

News of an unusual lawsuit about consumers suing parking and winning the Supreme Court level, amazed Rizal with the founder figure adams and co.

Rizal sees that from this point until his birthday, nothing has changed. David remains a persistent figure struggling.

David's presence as commissioner in 2013-2016 at BPKN, said Rizal, also played an important role for the advancement of consumer protection in Indonesia.

Another interesting experience, came from the Chairman of YLKI Tulus Abadi. For Tulus, the relationship between David Tobing and YLKI is like teachers and students.

David with his work shirt as a lawyer from the Legal Aid Institute (LBH) blusukan to YLKI discuss about parking. And, David Tobing is still consistent until now caring about consumer-only public issues. "He, a commercial lawyer who has an ideology of defending the interests of young wong. Not many commercial lawyers are as consistent with public issues as David Tobing. He's the vanguard of protecting consumers," Tulus said.

As a long-time friend, Ombudsman commissioner Alamsyah Saragih has had a long friendship with David Tobing since he was commissioner of the Public Information Commission (KIP).

When he was about to run for kip commissioner, David Tobing was the most instrumental in pushing Alamsyah Saragih forward to the selection of ombudsman commissioners. "When I was at KIP, David Tobing and I had a discussion about barried milk. He came to KIP's office, the reporters came a lot. The issue of access to information is difficult to obtain. David finally won. It was like david against Goliath (big dairy company)," said Alamsyah.

Alamsyah hopes David in his growing age, not tired of encouraging empowered consumers and have the same rights as businesses. "May our consumers be honored in this country," alamsyah said.

David Tobing's struggle with KKI to defend consumers turned out to be the attention of international community institutions. Principal Advisor consumer protection in ASEAN (Protect-GIZ) Sita Zimpel said the serious attention of David Tobing and KKI could be an example of other Southeast Asian countries." Cambodia and Myanmar only had a Consumer Law last year (2019). While Indonesia had first in 1999 ago. Countries like them need standard clauses and study to Indonesia," sita said.

Moreover, according to him, GIZ in the future will focus again in cooperation discussions with David Tobing about the standard clause he wrote entitled 'Standard Clause: Paradox in The Enforcement of Consumer Protection Law'. The book was given to 129 viewers celebrating David Tobing's birthday via Youtube.

"We are glad to have Mr. David Tobing in Indonesia because of his struggle. Continue, and sue (over harmed consumers). That's a lesson for other Asean countries. We've never met anyone who has a passion for suing," he said.


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