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Yanuarius Viodeogo

Asia Business Law Journal, a subsidiary of Vantage Asia an independent hong kong-based business publisher released Indonesia’s Top 100 Lawyers 2020.

The Asia Business Law Journal’s election summary involves foreign consultants or advisors practicing in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s dominantly elected advocates are in Jakarta as the central business center of Indonesia, the center of government, the center of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), financial centers, and incubators of new companies.

The top 100 indonesian lawyers in addition to being advocates of litigation, there is also a focus on handling non-consumer corporate cases and consumer protection.

One of the top lawyers on the list is David Tobing. The founder of the Adams &Co.law firmappreciated the report because it was considered a public and consumer lawyer.

“Thankfully me and my office came in. Interestingly, almost 90 [laporan ABLJ] lawyers are corporate lawyers [pengacara] while litigation is [sedikit dalam daftar tersebut] rare,” David told me, Sunday (5/24/2020).

Another interesting point, said David, in the report he entered as a lawyer who protects consumer rights is among the corporate lawyers who do not directly handle consumer issues.

David Tobing

Not many peopleknow, continued David, lawyers there handle special cases related to consumers and lawyers handle corporate cases and litigation.

“There used to be a post-graduate public relations student who interviewed me about personal branding. He was surprised when I told him that consumer cases were only 25% of the cases that I and the office handled. While another 75% are corporate cases and non-consumer litigation,” he said.

Nevertheless, according to him, the report from Asia Business Law Journal is very strict and can be a reference for the community that handles the case form of his devotion to the law, not to seek sensation.

top lawyers

As for other figures who are included in the top 100 lawyers in Indonesia, it is Justisiari Perdana Kusumah. Lawyers from the K&K Advocates law firm are known as intellectual property lawyers.

For him, the predicate of the report could not be separated from the role of a number of parties including the mass media that influenced the assessment of Asia Business Law Journal released a report of 100 top Indonesian lawyers.

“Alhamdulillah this is the 3rd year of course because of the help of many parties including the media,” he explained.

K&K Advocates law firm is a law firm with a focus on intellectual property, technology, media & telecommunications (TMT) law.

In addition K&K Advocates handle investment, corporate matters in general, shipping and marine, litigation in court, arbitration and bankruptcy.

Justisiari has other activities, currently the Chairman of the Indonesian Anti-Counterfeiting Society (MIAP). This non-profit institution was founded in 2004 with a focus on fighting and providing solutions to the problem of counterfeiting in Indonesia.


Andi Simangunsong, one of Indonesia’s top 100 lawyers of choice Asia Business Law Journal thinks the media’s rating is quite good.

Thus, said Andi, the report can be a reference or reference of foreign parties or users of domestic lawyer services as needed to help the legal problems they face.

“Of course [laporan ABLJ] the main reference in the business of lawyers as customer satisfaction (client) delivered by word of mouth to the party he knows who needs the services of lawyers. Because, this business is very trusting [kepercayaan] ,” said the lawyer from the law firm AFS Partnership Lawyer.

Andi dedicated nearly 10 years to being a litigation lawyer and probono.

One of his clients was The Petroleum Authority of Thailand Public Company Limited (PTT PCL), an oil and gas company from Thailand.


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